Group tours with a leader

Group tours with a leader are an exceptional opportunity to get a closer and better understanding of the places we visit. It is also a unique opportunity to get to know the locals and their culture in the course of our journey. Our tour leaders and guides are people with passion who have extensive knowledge of our destinations, in addition to their experience in leading group tours.

Self-guided tours

You want to go on a journey by yourself – without a group or a leader. We will help you arrange such a trip so that the whole logistics of it does not spoil the pleasure you derive from travelling. With our help, you will be able to fulfil your travelling dreams!

Tailor-made trips

If you have an idea for a trip you have always dreamt of but you do not want to be bothered with the technicalities or you do not know how to go about that, we are here to help you. Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we will prepare the itinerary of your trip that will satisfy your personal expectations. We will deal with the whole logistics of the journey and at your destination you will be accompanied by one of our tour leaders who will coordinate the whole expedition.

Nature discovery expeditions

You enjoy wildlife and dream to visit areas where we can still admire from close the disappearing beauty of our planet – this is the right place! We arrange trips for enthusiasts – of bird watching, nature photography and hiking, to the most interesting national parks all over the world. Our tour leaders and guides leading such expeditions are biologists who share their knowledge of biology and ecology with the travellers.

Exclusive trekking trips

If you are passionate about hiking in low and high mountains, we can offer you hiking trips with absolutely stunning views. Should you find out that our portfolio does not include an itinerary just perfect for you, please contact us – we will help our arrange your journey and advise you when it would be best to set off on your dream route.

History and culture-oriented tours

For you, travelling is all about encounters with locals, their culture and traditions. You are interested in the archaeology and history of the places you visit. We have good news for you – we organise expeditions that will satisfy your curiosity, extensively and with attention to detail. Should you be interested in any specific destination in the world, please contact us – we will develop an itinerary that will be tailored to your needs.