Ruhija Little Angels is a primary school and orphanage founded in 2011. At present, there are 330 pupils attending the school, 150 of whom live in dormitories on-site.

These are children who have lost both parents. The remaining pupils must walk for more than 3 hours from their villages to get to school. Apart from classes, at school the children receive a hot meal which is often their only food during the day. Tutors and teachers are usually graduates of the same school.

Ruhija Little Angels not only teaches theory – it also prepares the orphaned children to independent living, through lessons in agriculture or animal husbandry. Owing to their education, many of the school graduates have become rangers or guides in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that protects mountain gorillas.

The needs of the school and orphanage, apart from the on-going expenditure for food and educational materials for children, are also the necessary investments – smaller and larger, such as construction of classrooms and dormitories, building toilets and utility rooms, or purchase of livestock bred as a means to teach the children practical skills. The costs borne are considerable, and each even smallest donation is important.

BTP Adventure allocates 1% of the price of each trip for the aid to Ruhija Little Angels. Join us and help.

The information about the current needs can be obtained directly from the school director Happy Kyoheirwe Noredah.

Preferably contact director on WhatsApp – phone +256 755 679 695 – or at

Everybody can help the children directly by making a donation to the school account:

  • Account holder’s name: Happy Kyoheirwe Noredah
  • Account number: 7020053153
  • Swift code / IBAN: CERBUGKA